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about us

We are a small-batch coffee roasting operation with a small, but passionate and growing team.

We make the coffee our number one priority. We test out dozens of beans, roast profiles, and brew methods until we are satisfied with the quality and consistency of our coffee. Only then will we pack it up and deliver it to you for your enjoyment!


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The quality and freshness of our coffee starts from the greens and continues right into your cup. When you get your coffee from us, you know exactly where it came from, when it was roasted, and who roasted it. Always accountable, reliable, and dedicated to the coffee and community.


the bigger


We believe that coffee is a collective project. From the farmers who grow and hand pick the coffee to the roasters, baristas, and consumers, we  want everyone involved to feel connected and a part of our great  community. Coffee is collaborative from start to finish, and we believe it should stay that way.




Coffee has seen an incredible growth in the past 10 years. Some shifts have been very beneficial to growers and producers (fair trade), while others have been less beneficial to consumers and our planet (*cough* coffee pods *cough*). We want to retain the bits that everyone can relate to when it comes to coffee, but stay on the curve with the ever-evolving industry to make quality coffee accessible and approachable.

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